Relive the golden age of gaming.


Provenance brings together a collection of classic gaming console emulators into a single app for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, with support for Apple Game Controllers for that authentic experience.

Find out more about installation and contributing on Github.




Master System

Game Gear

Mega Drive


Sega CD





Famicom Disk System

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


  • Very accurate & full speed emulation
  • Stereo sound
  • Save States
  • Battery saves (native game saves, i.e. Sonic 3, Pokémon, etc)
  • Adjust onscreen control opacity so they don't get in your way
  • Portrait and landscape support
  • Supports all MFi game controllers, and some iCade Controllers
  • Local multiplayer with external controllers
  • Built-in web server
    • Import/Export game saves
    • Import/Export ROMs
  • "Open In..." support
    • Download a ROM in Safari and import it into Provenance, no PC required
    • iTunes File Sharing
      • Just drop ROMs into the app from iTunes on your Mac or PC
  • Uses OpenVGDB to look up game information and artwork
    • OpenVGDB is a database maintained by the OpenEmu Team and automatically downloads available information and artwork
    • Custom artwork is also supported
  • Game library searching
  • Supports iOS 8+
  • 3D Touch shortcuts for recent games (iPhone 6s and later)
  • Taptic Engine Feedback for button presses (iPhone 7 and later)
  • Supports Apple TV tvOS 9+