Release 2.0.2


Release 2.0.2

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More Bug fixes mostly.


  • XCode will detect missing git submodules and auto-clone recursive before building the rest of the project


  • #1586 Running same core twice in a row would crash
  • #1593 Cheat codes menu crash fixes and other cheat code quality improvements


  • #1564 SteamController native SPM package port
  • Jaguar core updated with libretro upstream + my performance hacks. PR made
  • Fix many static analyzer warnings about possible nil pointer/un-malloc’d memory usage, now we check and log nils or early exit where applicable
  • SQLite.swift updated
  • RxRealm updated from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3
  • realm-cocoa updated from 10.14.0 to 10.15.0