Release 2.0.3


Release 2.0.3

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More Bug fixes, some core updates.

[2.0.3] - 2021-12-16


  • Odyssey2 core
  • Mac Catalyst early support (M1 and Intel) (not for public use yet)
  • SNES FAST and PCE FAST core options for Mednafen
  • watch os demo target
  • Odyssey add and use od2 extension
  • Add odyssey to build
  • Tentative support for VecX and CrabEMU
  • macOS testing catalyst
  • Add nitotv methods for tvOS
  • Override openURL for tvOS
  • Add Patron link to readme
  • Add Desmume2015 core
  • DuckStation initial commit
  • Cores add plist feature to ignore
  • Add PPSSPP Source
  • Play! PS2 initial commit
  • Add Dolphin project
  • Add GameCube support classes and metadata (WIP)
  • Add flycast core (WIP)
  • Add a Chinese loading example
  • Add localized strings file and example


  • #1621 GBC palette options crashed gambatte
  • #1414 smarter expecptions in PVSystem
  • #1645 PCE Audio setting tweaks to match real hardware
  • #1637 Cheats label name cut off fixed
  • #1649 two PCE module audio related setting tweaks that enable Provenance’s PCE Audio output to match much closer to the measured MDFourier output of a real system, as tested with @artemio from the MDFourier project.
  • Fixed rare crash in OERingBuffer
  • Cores that don’t support saves no loner display save actions in menu
  • OpenVGDB Update (fixes artwork and metadata not loading)
  • Fixed strong self refs in some classes, closures
  • Fixed MD5 mismatch log message
  • Add back a crash logger #1605 add crash logger and fix minor build settings
  • switch jaguar to upstream branch
  • core option as bool for objc
  • RxDataSources switch to SPM package
  • Fix some implicit self block refs
  • closes Conflicts not reported #1601 conflicts reporting correctly
  • fixes Gambatte core immediately crashes #1621 GBC palette options crashed gambatte
  • refs After Resolving an “Import Conflict”, subsequent imports no longer work #1414 smarter expecptions in PVSystem
  • refs WebDav Server Always-On broken #822 add small main queue delay 4webdav start
  • tvOS add multi micro gamepad to infoplist
  • tvOS fix target order setting error
  • Fix minor iCloud warning
  • Fix random warnings
  • Fix force unwraps in appdeleagte
  • Fix finicky tvOS schemes
  • Fix whole/single compilation for rel/arch targets
  • Mednafen, proper ELOG in swift
  • Mednafen remove dead file ref
  • RxSwift fix some threading issues
  • Fix PS2 stealing PS1 bios
  • Fix gamecub stealing n64 roms
  • add nintendo DS enums
  • Replace QuickTableViewController SPM with source
  • PicoDrive fix naming
  • altkit not in catalyst
  • Remove reicast from build
  • Fix catalyst and other build tweaks


  • Jaguar core upstream & custom performance hacks
  • Mupen/GlideN64/Rice… updated to latest upstream
  • All SPM packages to upstream


  • Delete Romefile
  • dolphini remove used parent project