Release 2.1.0


Release 2.1.0



  • IPAs now hosted in Amazon S3 for faster downloads/installs.

Core options

  • Added support for more styles of Core Options (multiple select options, enumerations, Int and Float ranges)
  • New Options exposed for
    • Mupen (N64)
    • Mednafen

Mednafen new options menu items

Mednafen new options menu items

Mednafen new options menu items

Mednafen new options menu items


N64 and PSX new on-screen joystick

Updated N64 on screen controls

iPad SmartKeyboard as a gamepad

GamePad menu Navigation

Fully navigate the iOS/iPad OS UI with any compatible GamePad (MFi, DualShock, Steam, iCade etc) Completely wireless play, no need to be within touching distance of your mobile devices!

Full interface navigation with GamePad

Update UI components for iOS and tvOS

iPad Browser UI

GameBoy Color Select Menu

iOS Menu Icons

Apple TV new options styling

tvOS Settings new Styling

Render Engine

CRT Filter improvements

Experimental Metal backend

All new CRT and more shaders native in Metal.

Google Cardboard / Split View 3D for VirtualBoy

Added a new option to enable Mednafen’s VirtualBoy core to render 3D in left/right split view, with optional middle gap. This is early support for using stereoscopic 3D screens such as 3D TV’s with “Side by Side” mode, or Google Cardboard or similar headset with a mounted iPhone.


Fixed iOS Spotlight Results

Log viewer

Fixed iOS Spotlight Results